Thursday, January 22, 2015

Durham High School Application - Due January 30th

Do you want the best education at the best school possible in Durham, North Carolina?

Then you need to apply to one of Durham's Magnet Schools. The deadline is a week away, but don't worry. You can apply online.

Here is a list of Durham Magnet Schools:

click the link for more info about the school and an application.

Durham Magnet School Info (click here)

Social Studies Games

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Quarter 2 Social Studies Extra Credit*

7 Words or Less Extra Credit Assignment

  • No Partners
  • No Document sharing
  • If a student does not complete at least 15 correct summaries/definitions, then that student will receive a zero out of 15.
  • If a student completes 15 or more summaries/definitions, then that student will receive extra credit for each answer.
  • Due Wed 1/21 by 8:30am no exceptions

Technology Class Webpage

student codeCheck out some of my technology class resources at my technology class webpage.

If you need help with or code combat,... click here. My tech class created walk through guides to help novice coders that are stumped. Please, do not use these walk through guides unless you are absolutely stumped. It's supposed to be hard. Struggling is a part of the learning process.

Student Code - Walk Through Guides

Civil Rights Movement Review

Day 1 - Civil Rights Movement

Day 2 - Civil Rights Movement

 Day 3 - Civil Rights Movement

Social Studies Games - US History
Social Studies Games - World History
Social Studies Games - Civics & Economics

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Old School Social Studies game in your browser

Found some great social studies related games from the late 80s - early 90s. There may be some social studies teachers that don't even remember MS-DOS...check out these old school games.

Click Here - US History Website (games, lessons etc.)

Click Here - World History Website (games, lessons etc.)

Click Here - Civics & Economics Website (games, lessons etc.)