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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Post Quiz - Mine Test or Remediation

If you score an 80 or above on quiz 2, then your assignment is to complete a Colonial America Virtual Museum using Minetest (free software).

Here are you instructions:

Charter of the Minetest Company of Mr. D's Social Studies Class

social studies games - revolutionIf you score below an 80 on the quiz, then your remediation assignment is to complete the following:

help answering remediation questions...example for #1:

Violence was necessary to solve this conflict. The American colonists exhausted all other possible solutions. The Americans attempted to peacefully boycott British goods to persuade the British to repeal unfair taxes. The Americans then resorted to smuggling goods into America to avoid aggression with the British. In the end, the British continued to unfairly tax the colonists.

Not only did the British continue to tax the colonists, but the British took away the rights of the American colonists. The writs of assistance removed the citizens' right to privacy and the quartering act forced citizens to house British Soldiers. The Americans protested, but the laws remained. The British would not listen to the Americans. After Bostonians were murdered in the street and British Troops fired on American militiamen, the First Continental Congress wrote a letter to The King explaining the situation. The King ignored the Continental Congress. The only way the colonists could get the King's attention was through force.

...The answer above uses information purely from your study guide and Mr. D's lesson videos. Defend your answer by using evidence in the study guide!

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