Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday 9.29 - Complete Google Maps and Tariff Sheet

Each assignment is due tomorrow 9/30

Google Maps Activity:

Find locations on Google maps that represent, apply or can be associated with rights or rules in the 27 amendments
  • 15 locations (or slides) 
  • The location should be a good example of the freedom or the rule 
  • Title the location and give the city & state 
  • Title the slide with 
    • Amendment number 
    • Freedom or Rule
  • 4 Slides = Preamble
  • 5 Slides = 1st amendment
  • 6 Slides = any other amendment
  • You may not do the 18th or 21st amendment 
  • Due Tue 9/30 ...use Google drive ...share w/
More Instructions

Tariff Activity:

For a better understanding of how Tariffs affect nations, specific sectors of the economy, and consumers - complete the following assignment:

Tariff Transactions Google Doc

what's my duty (Kiwi Link)

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